Do You Need to Repair or Replace Your Sewer Pipes?

Damaged sewer pipes replacement Seattle, WA

Repair and replacement of sewer pipes are two different operations. Both are minor and major undertakings, depending on the severity of the problem, or the irreparable damage. The time, effort, and costs for sewer line repair & replacement services in Seattle, WA, are also different.

How do we know if the sewer issue calls for a simple sewer repair, or a total replacement? Steady Flow Drain Co. are local experts in sewer repair services. They weigh in on both processes for better understanding.

You need a pipe repair

Technicians can easily solveminor cracks and damages inside sewer lines. This type of sewer pipe line repair doesn’t need pipe overhauls and whole pipe replacements. Plumbers use a more modern process called trenchless pipe repair to lay-in pipe surfaces to the damaged parts. The process is much faster, and more convenient, with very little to no excavation or digging around your property.

You need a sewer line replacement

The time for a sewer line replacement is at hand when the pipes are too old and damaged to work properly. Natural disasters, untoward accidents on the sewer lines, tree root invasion, wrong pipe laying, and general deterioration of the whole pipe are the main reasons you need a sewer line replacement.

We know that replacement is a major undertaking that costs more and takes more time. However, trenchless pipe repair also solves these types of issues. There’s no need for disruptive excavation and pipe relocation with the trenchless process. Workers can replace whole pipes using internal pipe-laying methods with resin or epoxy surfaces that cure quickly.

To repair or replace

Don’t be afraid of sewer problems how major or minor they be. Steady Flow Drain Co. uses trenchless pipe laying methods for both repairs and replacements without major disruption and digging around your property. Don’t hesitate to call us to get that pesky sewer problem done.



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