Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Repair Seattle

Are you tired of the hassle and mess that comes with traditional sewer repair? At Steady Flow Sewer & Drain, we offer a modern solution that saves you time, money, and stress. Experience the benefits of our trenchless sewer repair technology, right here in Seattle.

Conventional methods of sewer pipe repair require extensive excavation. This process disrupts traffic, damages concrete and leaves behind a big mess that necessitates the restoration of the landscaping and hardscaping.

At Steady Flow Sewer & Drain, we offer high-quality trenchless sewer repair in Seattle, WA, and other areas we serve.

The Advantages Of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Traditional sewer repair involves digging trenches along the length of your existing sewer line, which can be disruptive to your property and landscaping.

  • Trenchless sewer repair, on the other hand, uses advanced technology to access and repair your sewer line without any digging. This means less damage to your property and a faster, more cost-effective solution.
  • Our trenchless sewer repair process involves using a high-pressure water jet to clear out any obstructions in your sewer line, followed by inserting a new pipe liner that bonds with the existing pipe. This creates a seamless and durable solution that can last for decades.
  • Not only does this method save time and money, but it also preserves the integrity of your landscaping and eliminates the need for extensive clean-up after the repair is complete.

Our trenchless services for sewer pipes don't require heavy equipment, which reduces the project's cost and time requirement. We perform these repairs with a small crew, thus also lowering labor costs.

Trenchless repairs minimize damage to your landscaping and don't harm trees. Your sidewalk, porch, patio, driveway and other property features remain intact.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

With our trenchless sewer repair technology, we utilize a process called pipe lining to restore your damaged sewer line. This involves inserting a cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) liner into the existing pipe and using heat or UV light to cure it in place.

  • The result is a strong and durable new pipe within your old one, which eliminates the need for costly and disruptive excavation.
  • Pipe lining can be used for various types of pipes, including clay, cast iron, PVC, and more. It is also suitable for repairing cracks, breaks, root intrusion, and other common issues within sewer lines.

Causes and Symptoms

Over the years, our trenchless company has noticed that sewer line damage has many causes, including:

  • Heavy traffic

  • Weak concrete

  • Saturated soil

  • Improper flushing of grease, corrosive materials or large amounts of paper or hygiene products

  • Mineral buildup

  • Hard water

  • Nearby construction

  • Shifted or compacted soil

  • Foreign objects dropped into drain

If you notice any of the following signs, we recommend a trenchless pipe replacement or repair:

  • Water pooling in drains or yard

  • Slow drains

  • Sewage odors

  • Sewage backup

  • Unusually green or vigorously growing grass

  • Water damage in basement

  • Gurgling or bubbling drains

Sewer Line Repair Seattle

At Steady Flow Sewer & Drain, we take pride in providing superior sewer line repair services to Seattle and surrounding areas. Our team of experienced technicians is trained in the latest trenchless technology and can handle any type of sewer line issue with efficiency and precision.

We understand that dealing with a sewer line problem can be stressful, which is why we work quickly to provide you with a long-lasting solution.

With our trenchless sewer repair method, you can have peace of mind knowing your property will be left in the best condition possible after the repair is complete.

How Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Work?

To perform a trenchless pipe repair, our technicians begin with a camera inspection. The submersible camera records video and takes photos of the pipe's condition. We use this information to determine if a trenchless repair is feasible. We then launch our equipment through an existing sewer access point. We apply the liner and resin and use the best curing method based on the resin type. By the end of the work day, we restore sewer line service.

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What Sets Us Apart

As the trusted trenchless contractor, we perform accurate and precise sewer repairs. You'll also benefit from our:

  • Prompt project completion

  • Convenient scheduling options

  • Affordable pricing

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Extensive knowledge and experience

  • Advanced trenchless technology

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Our trenchless sewer repairs minimize disruption, extend the lifespan of your sewer system and save time and money. For more information about our sewer repairs or to schedule an appointment, get in touch with us at Steady Flow Sewer & Drain.