CCTV Sewer Line inspection

Top-Notch CCTV Sewer Line Inspection in Federal Way, WA

If you suspect that your sewer line is reaching the end of its service life or you've found yourself dealing with frequent sewage back-ups at your home or business, a professionally conducted camera inspection may be in order. We here at Steady Flow Sewer & Drain are trusted experts in this line of work, and we're pleased to provide CCTV sewer line inspection in Federal Way, WA, as just one of our many service offerings.

What We Look For During an Inspection

Our personnel are trained to spot all types of pipeline damage when conducting a CCTV inspection. We can pinpoint the location of any cracks, corrosion, collapsed areas, and separations in the line and determine if a pipeline has settled, shifted, or become impacted by roots. We can also gather information on the age and general condition of the line and identify any partial or complete pipeline blockages.

The Many Reasons to Choose a CCTV Sewer Inspection

The advantages of a CCTV sewer inspection are many, and the drawbacks are few. The inspection is performed within the footprint of the existing pipe, so there's no need for excavation of soil or removal of hardscaping. We can generally carry out the entire inspection in a short time and at a cost that most local property owners will find to be very reasonable. The information that we obtain will also allow us to give accurate guidance to the homeowner regarding the need for cleaning, repair, or relining work.

Our Proven Sewer Line Inspection Process

Every CCTV sewer line inspection job starts by consulting with the property owner about the problems that they've noticed. We then send our camera into the line through a valve or connection point and examine the footage it transmits as it progresses through the pipe. Our personnel will take note of the location and extent of any damage, obstructions, and other noteworthy features and go over the results in their entirety with the property owner when the work is through.



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    Whether we're helping a local property owner deal with a noisy, slow-flowing drain or stepping in to determine the cause of a major sewer line backup, we always go the extra mile to supply prompt service, honest dialogue, and attentive customer care. We use top-quality, professional-grade equipment to carry out every inspection, and we deliver a final report of our findings to fully inform the property owner of any important facts that they need to know regarding their sewer line.

    Our team is also available to handle emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, we offer prompt scheduling options to take care of routine matters.

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