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The drains and sewer in your Washington home or business divert all of the wastewater into the municipal sewer system. An issue with the drain or sewer requires an immediate response, and our team at Steady Flow Sewer & Drain sewer looks forward to serving as your trusted sewer and drain company in Federal Way, WA. We handle everything related to water, drain, and sewer pipe repairs.

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    Our Complete Range of Services

    Our technicians take care of every part of your drain and sewer system. We serve residential and commercial clients who need routine drain and sewer care as well as customers who have urgent water or sewer line issues that can't wait. No matter whether someone dropped a foreign object down the sink or you have a burst water or sewer pipe, you can count on a sewer and drain specialist from our team to fix it and get it done right the first time.

    Here is a quick look at our full suite of sewer and drain services:

    Mineral scale, grease, hair, food, human waste, hygiene products, and soap scum create buildup in drains. We perform drain cleaning to eliminate the build-up and get rid of stinky odors.

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    When your drain or sewer line has a stubborn clog that augering or snaking can't disperse, we perform hydro jetting. We use strong jets of pressurized water. The water breaks apart tough obstructions from tree roots, minerals, baby wipes, diapers, grease, and more.

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    If your sewer backs up, leaks or causes foul odors to emanate throughout your home or business, our drain and sewer repair services team quickly arrives to resolve the problem. We offer conventional sewer pipe repairs for home and business owners.

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    Some pipes are incompatible with conventional repairs. We use trenchless equipment to access the damaged sewer pipe and fix it. Minimally invasive trenchless sewer repairs require no excavation and keep your landscaping, driveway, and sidewalk intact.

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    Extend the lifespan of a corroded, mildly cracked, or slightly offset pipe with our trenchless pipe lining services. This quick process requires less than one day for complete pipe restoration. The strengthened pipe and its liner last for at least 50 years.

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    There's no ignoring a water line leak. We arrive quickly and identify the cause of the leak. Our thorough technicians fix or replace the pipe and prevent any additional damage to your home or building. Get in touch with our team for cost-effective, precise, and reliable water line repair services.

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    Our Steady Flow Sewer & Drain technicians offer helpful advice on preventing drain, water pipe, and sewer line problems. Our professionalism, commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience, and accurate services make us the trusted sewer and drain service provider in the local area. We respond quickly when you have an urgent issue. We also provide upfront pricing on all repair and replacement services.

    When you have a routine or urgent drain, sewer, or water line issue, turn to Steady Flow Sewer & Drain. Our knowledgeable and skilled technicians work on all types and sizes of drains and pipes. To learn more about our services in Federal Way, get in touch with us any time. You may also call us or fill out the form to schedule an appointment.

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