About the Leading Sewer and Drain Company in Greater Seattle and Nearby Areas

We always had the dream of owning our own business, and with a combined 20 years of experience in the industry, we decided to make that dream come true. Working for some of the largest sewer and drain providers in the Seattle area has given us the knowledge to build something that we believe in.

Being an owner operated business, we truly believe customers come first. With that concept in mind, our business model has been set around offering all the technologies our industry has to offer. By being able to provide in-house options we can avoid subcontractor markups and in turn aren’t passing the buck to our customers.

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The Steady Flow Team

Our company is built on a foundation of integrity. We believe in ethics and ensure all our employees operate at our highest potential at all times. Our goal is not to build a one-day relationship, but a lifelong partnership. We know that the overhead of major marketing is not needed. Reputation in today’s world is worth much more than a commercial or large billboard. Our experienced technicians are well-known in the area for our professional services and maintaining the highest degree of customer service. Honesty, integrity, excellence, teamwork, and building lasting relationships with our customers reflect the high standards of the Steady Flow brand.

Sewer and drains are an out-of-sight and out-of-mind necessity. When an emergency hits, the last thing a homeowner should have to worry about is being taken advantage of. With that in mind, we offer several options to homeowners to lessen that financial burden and work towards a lifetime solution.

Meet The Team

Our company was established in June of 2021 by our founders and current presidents Dan Woolcott and Kyle Ardoir. With over twelve years of experience in the plumbing and drain industry, Dan and Kyle set out to bring affordable, accessible drainwork to people across Western Washington.

Dan Woolcott began his plumbing journey as a drain cleaner in 2012; he spent time learning the trade at several different plumbing companies, eventually becoming Operations Manager at a sewer and rooter company in 2017.  After several years in this position, Dan decided to make his own way, co-founding Steady Flow in 2021.

Kyle and Dan
Co-Owners Kyle & Dan

Kyle Ardoir underwent a similar journey, beginning his plumbing work as a drain cleaner in 2013.  He became Underground Manager of a sewer and plumbing company in 2015, and was promoted to General Manager in 2017.  In 2021, he left his former company to co-found Steady Flow with Dan.

Today, having built a team of drain experts, the Steady Flow Drain Company offers plumbing solutions to hundreds of Washington homes. You can follow both Dan and Kyle on Linkedin.

Our Licenses

Steady Flow Drain Co. is a fully licensed and certified contractor by the state of Washington Labor & Industries; our license number is STEADFS792QE.  We have been certified since 2021.

We are fully insured by Western National Mutual Insurance Company under the policy number # CPP1323539, and by Ohio Security Insurance Company under the policy number # BKS65156090.

We are bonded by the Ohio Casualty Insurance Company under the account number # 999135319.

Life is about opportunities all we need is a chance.

“We keep you flowing.”

What We Offer

We offer these top-notch sewer and drain expert services at cost-effective prices:

We use drain snakes with blades that rotate 360 degrees. The blades clear grease, soap, hair, food, and biological waste from drains.

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For stubborn pipes or pipes incompatible with drain snaking, we offer hydro jetting. To perform this specialty drain cleaning service, we attach a hose to a pump in our vehicle. The pump adds pressurized air to the water. The strong jet of water breaks up tough clogs. We recommend hydro jetting for pipes with varying diameters and complex configurations.

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When your sewer pipe leaks or backs up, we offer conventional sewer repair services. Our prompt arrival means you don't have to wait long for the restoration of your sewer line. We identify the issue and perform a spot or segment repair. If needed, we replace the pipe.

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Some properties aren't compatible with conventional sewer repair. In these situations, we use trenchless technology to address sewer line issues. Our equipment has a small footprint and only requires the use of two existing access points. We finish these repairs in one day, and they last as long as conventional sewer repairs.

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To restore the structural integrity of a weakened, corroded, cracked, or offset pipe, we deploy a liner. Our trenchless equipment accurately places the liner and cures it within a few hours. Pipe lining extends the pipe's lifespan by 50 years.

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When you have cloudy or discolored water, low water pressure, or a leak, count on us for water line repair. We offer interior and exterior water pipe repair services.

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By scheduling a CCTV sewer inspection, there will virtually be no room for error when we recommend the best course of action to take. We will take the time to check on the issue affecting your sewer line, allowing us to determine the exact location and severity of the problem compromising the performance of your sewer system.

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Who We Serve

Our sewer and drain specialist team serves all of Seattle and the neighboring communities, including Federal Way. We assist both home and business owners. Our services include drain, water and sewer pipe repair and replacement, and we work on all types and sizes of pipes. The areas we serve include:

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From our courteous customer care team to our honest assessments of your drain, water, or sewer pipe, we have built a solid reputation as a top-notch sewer and drain service provider in Seattle, WA, and other areas we serve. No matter what type of drain or sewer problem you have, we can solve it. To learn more about us or to schedule an appointment for any of our services, contact us at Steady Flow Sewer & Drain.