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Drains and sewer lines perform the essential service of removing wastewater from your home or business and transporting it to the city sewage system for treatment. A problem with your drain or sewer line quickly leads to health, comfort, and safety issues. When your drains or sewer pipe malfunction, count on the top local sewer and drain company in Seattle, WA: Steady Flow Sewer & Drain.

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    Our Full Range of Services

    As a full-service sewer and drain service provider, our technicians fix and replace everything involved in your wastewater system. We offer routine residential and commercial drain cleaning and rain and sewer repairs. Our clients also turn to us for urgent issues, including sewage backups and leaks, and broken water lines. From foreign objects accidentally dropped into a drain to a burst water pipe flooding your property, we quickly address your drain, water, and sewer pipe issues.

    We remove mineral buildup, grease, hair, soap scum, foreign objects, biological waste, food debris, and paper clogs from our drains. Our thorough drain cleaning eliminates odors, gurgling and slow emptying.

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    Utilizing powerful jets of pressurized water, we clear tree roots, grease, paper, and foreign objects out of drains and sewer lines. Hydro jetting requires no chemicals or blades and doesn't damage trees.

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    A sewage backup creates unpleasant and unsafe conditions. As your expert in drain and sewer repair services, we quickly arrive and fix your sewer pipe.

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    If your sewer pipe's location under concrete interferes with traditional methods of repair, we offer trenchless solutions to address the problem. Our trenchless sewer repair minimizes disruption to your landscaping, pavement, and trees.

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    When a sewer line inspection identifies extensive corrosion, a small offset, cracking, or mineral scale, we offer trenchless pipe lining to restore it. This process involves the deployment of a long-lasting liner. We apply resin and cure the liner, which offers a 50-year lifespan.

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    A water line leak, crack, or rupture immediately disrupts your everyday activities and has the potential to cause significant property damage. Our crews offer urgent water line repair services. We quickly fix the leak and address the cause of the leak in order to prevent future problems.

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    CCTV sewer inspections let our team check on the issue compromising your sewer line. We will take the guesswork out of the repair process, as an in-depth sewer line inspection helps us determine the exact location and severity of the problem affecting the performance of your sewer system.

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    No matter what type of sewer and drain services you need, count on a sewer and drain specialist from Steady Flow Sewer & Drain. We arrive quickly, treat you and your property with respect, and provide upfront information on the issue. Our team looks forward to handling all of your drain, water, and sewer-related concerns. 

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    Why You Should Work With Steady Flow Sewer & Drain

    At Steady Flow Sewer & Drain, our technicians provide honest assessments of your drain, water, or sewer line. We explain the problem and suggest cost-effective sewer and drain services. Our integrity, professionalism and focus on customer satisfaction make us the top choice for Seattle area home and business owners in need of drain, water, or sewer line repair and restoration services.