Beware: These Are the Top Things That Can Damage Your Sewer Line

Damaged sewer line repair in Federal Way, WA

A damaged sewer line can cause a lot of problems and financial strain. Unfortunately, sewer line issues are something that every homeowner faces at some point. Knowing more about what can cause sewer damage can help you take proactive steps to prevent them.

For dependable sewer repair in Federal Way, WA, count on Steady Flow Sewer & Drain to deliver speedy solutions. Below are the top things that can damage your sewer line.

Corrosion & Old Age

Even the most well-built pipes won’t last forever, and the daily wear and tear will eventually catch up to them. Lack of maintenance can also cause pipes to break down sooner. Other than that, corrosion is also a big enemy of pipes causing the metal to become weaker and more likely to break, requiring prompt sewer repair services.

Tree Roots

While trees can provide ample shade and aesthetic appeal to your property, their roots can wreak havoc on pipes, especially in older homes. Connection points are particularly vulnerable. If left untreated, tree roots can cause pipes to burst, resulting in damage and expense. The good news is that they can be reinstated through sewer pipe line repair procedures.


Food, hair, grease, and other items can eventually cause blockages in your pipes. This is not as common in sewer lines, which are generally larger, but it can still happen and cause unpleasant problems.

Steady Flow Sewer & Drain is here to handle any issues you have with your sewer lines. Get in touch with us to schedule an inspection today!

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