Is It Time for a Sewer Line Replacement?

Damaged sewer line replacement Federal Way, WI

It’s a major headache to deal with sewer problems and sewer repair in Federal Way, WA, to be honest. Sewers stink and it’s hard to tell what’s going on because they are running underground. If the issues are recurring and getting worse, you may need to get a sewer line replacement.

The biggest issue with sewers is the difficulty of uncovering the problems underneath. When is it time to repair or replace your sewer line? What signs do we look for?

If you need to get the drain cleaning job done right, call the experts who have the experience for this specific job: Steady Flow Drain Co. in Federal Way, WA.

Be on the lookout for the following major red flags:

Drain overflow

Drains have to flow out smoothly and eliminate dirty water and sewage wastes out, not back in. If something is causing the blockage, you’ll need sewer drain cleaning services from the inside. This is a serious issue that can cause flooding and contamination if left unchecked.

Slow-flowing drains

If your drainage system is stalling, you could have internal clogged drains or damage somewhere in the sewer pipe. Pay close attention to how easily water flows out towards the sewer. There must be nothing stopping or stalling the flow.

Water backing up

This problem is more advanced than drain overflows and slow-moving drainage. You may experience this from a toilet or a floor drain that has blockage problems. Avoid water damage to your property and health issues, and call reliable sewer repair services.

Bad odors that leak

Out of all the sewer line red flags, this problem will surely get your attention. When sewer lines are damaged, leaking dirty water and foul smells follow. Sewers smell like a disaster, and can also cause health problems. Get professional help if you need a sewer line repair & replacement in Seattle, WA.

Green spots around the lawn area

If you see growing green patches around your sewer area, it is a sign of sewer leakage. It could be a minor leak or serious damage growing underground.

As homeowners, our best bet against sewer problems is to be aware of the signs and take action right away. Deal with sewer problems now unless you want to end up with a bigger headache and bigger costs to pay. Call an expert drain cleaning company such as Steady Flow Drain Co. to know what your best options are: repair or replacement.

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